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Abiy Ahmed Ali, Ethiopia’s third Prime Minister since 2018, is reshaping the country’s political landscape. Born on August 15, 1976, he leads both the government and the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), being the first person of Oromo descent to do so. His Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 recognizes his efforts in resolving the longstanding border conflict with Eritrea.

In 2019, Abiy formed the Prosperity Party, breaking from the EPRDF coalition. Criticism arose in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic postponed parliamentary elections, raising concerns about constitutional legitimacy. The following year saw the outbreak of the Tigray War, involving the Ethiopian National Defense Force, the Eritrean army, and various ethnic-based groups.

As Abiy tackles these challenges, his leadership shapes Ethiopia’s political trajectory. The international community closely watches, emphasizing the need to uphold democratic principles and address ethnic and political tensions. Ethiopia’s ongoing journey reflects Abiy Ahmed’s legacy, balancing progress and the complexities of national unity.

In this evolving narrative, Abiy’s leadership emerges as a focal point in Ethiopia’s political evolution, attracting attention for both accomplishments and challenges. The delicate balance defines Abiy’s role in Ethiopia’s unfolding political story.