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Ahmed Isse Awad, born in 1955 in Garoowe, is a prominent Somali politician and diplomat, recognized for his significant contributions to international relations. Hailing from the Isse Mohamoud sub-clan of the Majeerteen, Awad has left an indelible mark on Somalia’s diplomatic landscape.

His political career includes serving as the Somali ambassador to the United States, where he played a crucial role in representing Somalia on the global stage. Subsequently, Awad assumed the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, further solidifying his impact on the nation’s diplomatic endeavors. In these roles, he navigated complex international relationships, contributing to Somalia’s presence in the global diplomatic arena.

In his personal life, Awad is married to Sarah Ashraf, and together they have a daughter. Following the challenges posed by the Somali Civil War, he sought refuge in Canada and later became a Canadian citizen. Awad’s educational journey took him to Concordia University in Mount Royal, Canada, as well as the University of Khartoum and the Sudanese University of Science and Technology.

Noteworthy is his commitment to academic excellence in the field of peace and security. Awad obtained a master’s degree in managing peace and security in Africa from the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, showcasing a dedication to addressing complex issues in the African context.

In summary, Ahmed Isse Awad stands as a distinguished figure, embodying a blend of political acumen, diplomatic prowess, and a commitment to advancing peace and security in Somalia and the broader African region.