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Tag: Ali Hamud Jibril

Ali Hamud Jibril, Somaliland’s Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Representatives, strongly opposed potential conflict escalation with the SSC regions – Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn (Cayn) – during a recent speech in Borama. Jibril categorically rejected the idea of engaging in war with the residents of these regions, asserting his belief in the eventual reunification of the people.

In his address in Borama, Jibril emphasized that injured soldiers received care in various locations like Borama, Hargeisa, Burao (Bur’o), and Aynaba (Ainabo), while those who faced defeat sought refuge in Oog. Stressing that war is not the solution, he urged the people of Borama to contribute to a fund dedicated to supporting wounded soldiers. This call for community involvement highlights the importance of a collective approach in addressing the aftermath of conflict and promoting healing.

Ali Hamud Jibril’s commitment to peace and reconciliation is evident in his strong stance against war, emphasizing the human toll and the necessity for a peaceful resolution. His plea for unity and support signifies a broader acknowledgment of the crucial role communities play in rebuilding and fostering stability in the region. Jibril’s leadership reflects a vision for a harmonious future, underpinned by collaboration and understanding among diverse communities.

In the face of potential discord, Jibril’s speech serves as a rallying call for collective efforts toward lasting peace, urging communities to unite and actively contribute to the healing process. His words resonate not only as a rejection of conflict but also as a call to build bridges and foster understanding for a more stable and harmonious future in Somaliland.