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Amnesty gives a fresh start to people who’ve done wrong, forgiving them and not punishing them by governments or authorities.

Imagine someone messes up, but instead of getting in trouble, they’re forgiven and get a chance to start over.

Amnesty wipes away past mistakes, giving people a chance to fix things.

Governments might offer amnesty for different reasons.

It could encourage people to admit their mistakes without being scared of punishment.

Or it might try to solve problems or make peace between different groups.

For example, a government might forgive people involved in illegal activities, like protests or political movements, to keep peace at home.

Amnesty can also help prisoners who were treated unfairly. Letting them go shows that the government knows it made mistakes and wants to fix them.

One big example of amnesty is when political prisoners are let go after a change in government or a peace deal.

This shows a new beginning and a promise to work together.

Even though people argue about amnesty, saying it’s not fair, it’s still really important for making peace, making up, and being fair all over the world.

It gives hope to people who made mistakes and shows how forgiving can make things better for everyone.