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Barawe: A Port City Steeped in History

Barawe, Somalia, boasts a long and vibrant history dating back to the 9th century AD. Founded by Aw-Ali of the Tunni clan, it flourished as an Islamic center, attracting scholars and students. Its bustling port, diverse population, and coral houses earned it the nickname “an Islamic island on the Somali coast.”

Under the Tunni Sultanate, Barawe thrived as a hub of trade and learning. Renowned Barawaani scholars drew students eager for religious knowledge. This era saw the construction of impressive coral-stone structures, reflecting the city’s prosperity.

Centuries later, various sultanates like the Ajuran, Geledi, and Portuguese influenced Barawe, leaving their mark on its architecture, language, and culture. The arrival of Italian colonizers in the late 19th century brought further changes, shaping its infrastructure and administration.

Today, Barawe serves as the capital of Somalia’s South West State. Its history whispers through narrow streets lined with coral houses, while the aroma of spices and incense fills bustling markets. Despite challenges, the city retains its cultural charm, evident in its traditional music, poetry, and vibrant festivals.

Barawe’s story transcends mere dates and rulers. It’s a testament to resilience, cultural exchange, and a deep-rooted faith shaping its inhabitants’ lives. This rich tapestry, woven from diverse influences, stands as a symbol of its enduring spirit.