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Tag: Bushaaro Ali Mohamed

Bushaaro Ali Mohamed, also known as Bushaaro Baanday, is a British-Somali freelance journalist who was arrested in Somaliland on May 15, 2023, while returning from Ethiopia. Bushaaro Ali Mohamed,is known for her critical coverage of the Somaliland government, with many reports appearing on her Facebook page, where she has around 790,000 followers.

Here’s a summary of her situation:

  • Detention: Currently held in Hargeisa Central Prison since her arrest.
  • Accusations: Somaliland authorities accused her of disseminating propaganda and jeopardizing national security.
  • Concerns:  She allegedly sustained injuries during the arrest and has been denied medical care. Limited access to lawyers and reports of harsh conditions raise concerns about her well-being.
  • Calls for release: Several organizations, including the Committee to Protect Journalists and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, demand her immediate and unconditional release.