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Tag: Colonel Arre

Recently, there’s been a bit of excitement in Somaliland – a person named Colonel Arre made a return! It’s like a character coming back in a storybook, and it has caught the attention of many. But here’s the catch: his return is causing a bit of worry among the grown-ups.

You see, Somaliland authorities, who are a bit like the guardians of this special land, seem a bit worried and maybe even a little desperate. There’s a group called SSC-Khaatumo that they’ve been having disagreements with, and Colonel Arre’s return might make things even trickier.

Now, let’s explore two important places in Somaliland where all these adventures are happening – Erigavo (Ceerigaabo) and El Afweyn (Ceel Afweyn). In Erigavo, there are different groups of friends, like the Isaaq-Garhajis, Habar Yoonis, Habar Je’lo, Dhulbahante, and Warsangeli.

They’re like characters from different chapters, and sometimes they have disagreements about who owns which piece of land. It’s a bit like a puzzle they’re trying to solve, called ‘Taagan,’ meaning the case is still open and needs sorting out.

Remember, just like in our favorite stories, things can get complicated. The grown-ups are working hard to make sure everyone gets along, but they need to be super careful. Adventures in Erigavo and El Afweyn need special attention to keep the land happy and peaceful.

So, stay tuned for more updates from this magical land, where every twist and turn adds a new page to Somaliland’s amazing story!