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The Habar Je’lo Clan: A Prominent Somali Lineage

The Habar Je’lo clan, also known as the Habr Toljaala, holds a significant position within the broader Isaaq family. This clan plays crucial roles in Somali society’s socio- political landscape. This article explores the historical background, structure, and cultural significance of the Habr Je’lo clan.

Historical Roots and Lineage:

The clan traces its ancestry back to Mūsa ibn ash-Shaykh Isḥāq ibn Aḥmad, from whom it derives its name. This section delves into the clan’s historical origins and its prominent position within Somali history.

Confederation and Sub-Tribes: 

The Habar Je’lo clan forms a confederation along with the Ibran, Sanbuur, and Tolje’lo clans, collectively known for their shared heritage and cooperation. Within the Habar Je’lo clan, there are five primary sub-tribes: Mohamed Abokor, Musa Abokor, Samane Abokor, Reerdood, and Omar. This section examines the significance of these sub-tribes and their respective roles within the clan structure.

Territorial Presence and Livelihood Activities:

Each sub-tribe within the Habr Je’lo clan traditionally occupies specific territories and regions. They engage in various livelihood activities such as pastoralism, trade, and agriculture. Moreover, this section explores the geographical distribution and economic pursuits of the clan.

Cultural Identity and Traditions:

The Habar Je’lo clan upholds a strong sense of cultural identity, pride, and honor rooted in its lineage, customs, and traditions. This section highlights the cultural values, social structures, and communal practices that characterize the clan’s identity.

Contemporary Roles and Challenges:

In contemporary Somalia, the Habar Je’lo clan continues to play active roles in politics, business, and community development. However, they also face challenges such as clan-based conflicts and political instability. Despite these obstacles, the clan strives to address contemporary issues while preserving its cultural heritage.


The Habar Je’loclan, with its rich history, diverse sub-tribes, and enduring resilience, remains a vital component of Somali society. They contribute to the country’s social fabric and collective identity. To conclude, this section summarizes the clan’s significance and underscores its ongoing relevance in contemporary Somali affairs.