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Bakara, also known as Bakarah or al-Bakara, is a village in Iraq’s Al Anbar Governorate, situated north of Fallujah. It gained prominence in 2016 during the Siege of Fallujah, a key battle in the ongoing conflict between Iraqi forces and ISIL militants. The region witnessed intense fighting between the Iraqi army and ISIL insurgents, with Bakara becoming a focal point in the struggle for control.

During the siege, aimed at reclaiming Fallujah from ISIL, Bakara found itself in the midst of hostilities. On May 28, 2016, Iraqi troops recaptured Bakaraa after fierce battles with ISIL militants, marking a significant milestone in the campaign against the extremist group. This capture represented a crucial step in broader efforts to secure the region and eliminate the ISIL threat.

Bakaraa is located between Shiha and Albu Sudayrah to the west and Sajar to the southeast. The events in Bakara underscored the complexities and challenges faced by military and civilian populations in conflict zones, highlighting the resilience and bravery of Iraqi forces working to restore stability.