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Overview of the Islamic State in Somalia (ISS)

The Islamic State in Somalia (ISS) is a militant extremist group affiliated with the global Islamic State (ISIS) movement. ISS emerged in Somalia around 2015, seeking to establish its presence and expand its influence in the region. The group primarily operates in the northern part of Somalia, including the Puntland region, and has engaged in various activities, including attacking government and civilian targets and clashing with other armed groups.

Ideology and Goals

ISS follows a radical interpretation of Sunni Islam, advocating for establishing a caliphate governed by Islamic law. The group aims to expand its territorial control and impose its extremist ideology in Somalia and beyond. ISS often targets government institutions, security forces, and civilians to achieve its objectives.

Activities and Tactics

ISS has been known to employ brutal tactics, including mass executions, beheadings, and suicide bombings. The group has also engaged in propaganda and recruitment efforts, using social media to spread its message and attract new members. ISS has targeted both local and international interests in Somalia, posing a significant security threat to the region.

Relationship with Al-Shabaab

ISS’s presence in Somalia has created tensions with Al-Shabaab, another prominent militant group operating in the country. While both groups share a similar jihadist ideology, they have clashed over control and tactics. Al-Shabaab has criticized ISS for its brutality and attempts to expand its influence in Somalia, leading to occasional violent confrontations between the two groups.

Response and Counterterrorism Efforts

The Somali government, with the support of international partners, has been conducting counterterrorism operations against ISS in Somalia. These efforts aim to degrade the group’s capabilities and prevent its further expansion in the region. Additionally, regional and international efforts are ongoing to address the root causes of extremism and promote stability in Somalia.